Working with Wholesalers

As an Electrical Wholesaler have you been asked about rebates? Not sure where to get more information or how to access these schemes? 

We can help!

We manage the install with the electrician

Access NSW rebates as part of lighting upgrades
Create Energy Saving Certificates

Fraztec have partnered with leading electrical wholesale branches across NSW to give clients access a wide range of products as part of the NSW Energy Saving Scheme. 

We like to think of ourselves as part of your team so we work hard to get the project approved whilst ensuring compliance with the relevant Australian lighting standards.

We guide the installers and customers every step of the way through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. As an electrical wholesaler your role is simple - provide quality LED products and let us look after the rest.  

The range of approved products under the scheme is vast so there are products to fit most applications. At Fraztec, our expertise will ensure that all energy-saving upgrades are compliant with the scheme rules.

We are also LED lighting specialists and we can assist with product recommendations from a range of leading LED suppliers.  Our goal is to ensure that the end-user is provided with the right lighting solution for their business.

Best of all, as part of our Wholesaler Rebate Program you can earn cash rebates for each Energy Savings Certificate generated by a completed project you refer to us.

We already have an extensive network of trusted electrical wholesalers including: