Replacing your old lights with new, energy efficient lighting can save your business hundreds of dollars a year. 

At Fraztec Lighting we take the hard work out of upgrading your lighting no matter the size of your business. We pride ourselves on providing the businesses with expert advice and guidance through their Energy efficient lighting upgrade and ensuring compliance with the Australian Lighting standards. 

How you can get involved

There are a range of government offers designed to help businesses that are looking to upgrade their lighting. For large businesses there is a commercial lighting upgrades scheme and for smaller businesses the NSW Government offers Home Energy Efficiency Rebates and upgrade offers.


Don't worry if you don't know which is right for your business; we can help with that. We will connect you to the government scheme that is right for your business, and manage the paperwork and processes required to participate in government energy rebate schemes.

How upgrading your lighting can help your business

Reduce your energy usage

The primary reason to upgrade your lighting is to significantly lower your energy usage. Not only does this mean that you’ll reduce your energy bill long term, but you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment. If your business changes 50 halogen downlights to LED downlights, you can save up to $2300 a year.

Reduce maintenance 

The other key benefit to upgrading your businesses lighting is reduced maintenance, because LEDs last longer that other lights on the market. 

How we can help

At Fraztec Lighting we take the hard work out of reducing your energy usage no matter the size of your business. We’ll work with you every step of the way through your lighting upgrade, so you get the right lighting solution and access the right government offers for your business.


We’ll find the perfect lighting for your business

We'll provide you with expert advice and we'll find the right product for you at the best price. We are constantly researching and identifying the best and latest products on the market to meet your needs. 

We work with a range of industry-leading suppliers to provide you with the added security that your energy-efficient lighting upgrade is using quality products that are backed by long term established companies that will still be around when the Scheme is finished.  This variety of suppliers means we can find the custom solution that's right for you and your business. 

We manage the install with the electrician

Your lighting upgrade must be completed by a licenced electrician and depending on the scheme this electrician may need additional training.  If you already have an electrician, we will work with them to ensure they have the required training and to find the best lighting solution for your business. If you don't have an electrician, we can also assist by recommending one of our networks of electricians who are fully training and know our products.


​We service businesses across New South Wales

We work with business both large and small from border to border in NSW.  We are able to provide this service as we have an extensive network of quality electricians, electrical wholesalers and LED suppliers. 


Country businesses are one of our main focuses as they often have limited access to energy-saving. We aim to change that. 

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Don't take our word for it, hear from some of our previous clients:

Hi Debbie,

I only looked at the lights you installed for the first time late last week (as I had not had the chance to previously).

Am most impressed and it’s great to finally have lights that provide fantastic lighting throughout the rooms, including the bathroom.

Again many thanks and shall be recommending you to everyone I can.


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