Wholesaler FAQ

Want to help your installers and their customers save money as part of an energy-saving lighting upgrade?

Fraztec can help!

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) creates financial incentives for NSW businesses to invest in energy saving projects and in particular – Energy Efficient lighting upgrades.

Fraztec help provide NSW installers and businesses easy access to quality LED, scheme approved, products which are backed by leading LED suppliers whilst benefiting from receiving a financial incentive from the NSW Government.

Provide expert,
energy-saving advice

Friendly staff to guide installers through the process

Access NSW rebates as part of lighting upgrades

How hard is it to get the incentives?

Easy! When branch staff get orders for LED lighting, it's a quick conversation with the installer asking if the products are for a lighting upgrade. If they are, you can email or call through the details to Fraztec who will who will guide you and the installer through the initial assessment stage.

How do I know if the project qualifies?

If the installer is upgrading from mercury vapour, metal halide or fluorescent lights to LEDs for a NSW business, the project may be eligible. Fraztec will assess the project and if it qualifies, we will guide the installer through the process.

What qualifications do electricians need?

They just need an Electrical Contractor Licence and Public Liability Insurance.

Can installers choose the products?

Yes! The installer has the flexibility to choose which scheme-approved products they'd like to use. Not sure what products are right for the project? Fraztec can assist with information on which products would be best for the job. Already have a product in mind? Check if your product is IPART Approved

Is there a lot of confusing paperwork?


There is paperwork of course but we keep it to a minimum and we'll guide the installer and the customer through each stage of the process making it quick and simple, so they can do what they do best - install!

Do they need to create floor plans?

As part of the service, Fraztec will conduct a site visit and prepare the required floor plans for Commercial Lighting upgrades. At times we might need the installer to help obtain a rough outline prior to a site visit (especially for under cover car parks) but we will keep it quick and simple.

Do they need to get a lamp recycling certificate as part of the upgrade?

No. For projects in Metro areas Fraztec will pick up the lamps and recycle them. For country areas, no certificate is needed, the installer just needs to recycle the lamps responsibly. All we ask is that they keep the lamps until we conduct site visit. We also request they keep a sample of each fitting type replaced as we will take the photos of the old fittings lamp and ballast type.

How much are the Energy Saving Scheme incentives?

Each project is different but we will assess everything and give the installer a quote at the start of the project.

Who gets paid the incentive?

The payment can go to the installer, energy saver, LED supplier etc - whatever the parties agree. As long as the energy saver has agreed to the dollar value of the energy efficient lighting upgrade and is fully aware that Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) will be generated as part of this upgrade.

How does it work?

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme provides financial incentives to businesses who implement energy savings projects (eg: lighting upgrades) The incentives are in the form of Energy Savings Certificates for each MWh of energy that the project saves. Fraztec retains the certificates and pays their value to the agreed party (eg: installer, energy saver or supplier).

When does the incentive get paid?

Once the energy saver has paid for the upgrade, and Fraztec has received the key documents required for the submission, our commitment is to pay the nominated person the Energy Saving Certificate value as soon as possible.

The end-client wants to do their upgrades in stages. Is this possible?

Yes, it's absolutely possible! In this case, each stage is treated as a separate project so it would need to meet minimum project requirements.

The lighting specs changed part way through, does this void the project?

Not necessarily. Fraztec fully understand that change can and will occur once a lighting upgrade has commenced. This key is open communication and understanding of the potential impact of the project once the change has been identified.

Can a project be part of the scheme if the business has participated previously?

Yes! It is a little-known fact that you can generate more Energy Saving Certificates even if the business claimed previously. The latest upgrade needs to meet the requirements. Contact us and we can assess the project and let you know if it qualifies.

What's the benefit?

The financial incentives from the Energy Savings Scheme will reduce the cost of the lighting upgrades which benefits installers and end customers. Advising your installers about the scheme and helping them with scheme-approved lighting orders will mean retaining their business. Plus, if you're part of our wholesaler team, you can earn rebates for completed jobs you referred to us.

Want to know more or have a project in mind?

Call us today on 0423 333 058 If you have all these details, you can fill out an assessment form and send it to quotes@frazteclighting.com.au and we'll work on a quote for the rebate.

When does the Energy Savings Scheme finish?

The Energy Savings Scheme is legislated to run until 2050 or until there is an equivalent national energy efficiency scheme.

What is the Minimum Co-Payment?

For a project to participate in the Scheme, the energy saver must contribute a minimum dollar value for the products and installation of a lighting upgrade LESS the rebate - this amount is called the Minimum Co-Payment. The minimum co-payment is NOT an additional payment, it is simply making sure that the purchaser has paid at least this amount towards the project to meet the Scheme’s rules. Each project will have a different minimum co-payment value as no project is exactly the same. Fraztec will let you know what this value is before the project commences to ensure compliance. Here's how we figure it out: Product Cost + Installation Cost - agreed Energy Savings Certificate value ...must be greater than... $5 per MWh of electricity saved by upgrading the lighting as deemed by the scheme Example: Harry's Hardware is upgrading their lighting. The upgrades will save 1200 MWh. Minimum Co-Payment: 1200 MWh x $5 = $6000 (ex GST) Product cost: $5,000 (ex GST) Installation Cost: $5,000 (ex GST) ============== Total Project Costs: $10,000 (ex GST) Agreed Scheme Rebate Value: $3,000 Ex GST ============== Total Paid by Purchaser: $7,000 (ex GST) This project can proceed as the total paid by the purchaser (after rebate) is greater than the minimum co-payment.

Will installing Sensors generate increase the returns?

Yes, installing Daylight and/or Motion Sensors should increase the Energy Saving Certificates generated by a project