Want to save even more in Energy and Product Costs as part of your or your client's energy efficiency upgrade?

As part of your energy upgrade, you may be entitled to an Energy Saving Discount/Rebate - up to or over $220 per highbay fitting.

Our 135w LED highbays are designed to replace 400w Mercury Vapour/Metal Halide Highbays


  • A 400w Mercury Vapour Highbay actually uses around 423 watts of power.

  • Produces around approx 22,000 Lumens and can last up to 20,000 hours (at 10,000, they are generally producing only half of their original output of light) or around 5 years.


Our 135w LED Highbay:-


  • Uses no more than 137w of power for a similar initial output,  a massive 67% energy saving. 

  • Produces around 21,330 Initial lumens.

  • Has an expected life of over 50,000 hours or over 13 years

  • If you are upgrading your highbays to energy efficient LED's, you may be able to generate Energy Saving Certificates up to and potentially over $220.00 per fitting**

  • A warranty of 5 years.

Energy Saving Review - A Snapshot

Please call us for your free energy saving assesment.

Why is Lumen Maintenance Important?

Whilst Mercury Vapour lamps may appear cheaper to purchase short term, maintenance costs will be much greater as the light output of the Mercury Vapour Highbays reduces significantly in a short period of time.  On Energy Saving alone, these 135w LED high bays are a great option.


Let us help you on your, or your client's, energy efficient journey. Call or email us today for further information and advice.

Don't believe that you can reduce your power from a 400w Mercury Vapour to a 135w LED Highbay and still meet Australian Standard?


Test us!!!


We have produced a number of lighting diagrams to assist both our electricians and clients understand the expected lighting outcome to see for themselves that the lights we are recommending will DO THE JOB.  


At no stage will we recommend a light that will NOT meet the minimum lighting requirements for the proposed area.  We pride ourselves in being experts in LED and Induction lighting and providing the very best information and advice to our electrician's and businesses.

Estimated Energy Savings Certificate Discount Further Info


*The above estimated discount is based on the following parameters - call us today to find how much more you can save.


Business type -                                         NSW based Manufacturing Business (operating hours - 5,000 hours)

Location of lights -                                    Internal (if external discount is reduced)

Air Conditioning-                                       NO (if the site is air conditioned, additional discount will apply.

Ballast type -                                              Magnetic Reactor

Control Systems

(eg Daylight sensors) -                           Nil

Energy Saving Certificate price

to client -                                                    $20.00 per ESC (price subject to change as the price is determined by market demand)



**It is easy to create Energy Saving Certificates with Fraztec Lighting.  


Not sure if creating Energy Saving Certificates is worth the effort - we say YES!!!


We at Fraztec Lighting do the work for you, with your assistance in gathering the evidence and information needed, the process is painless and at the day rewarding.​

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