Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit 

We make HEER projects easy!

What’s the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit program?

The Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) program is part of the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) - an initiative from the NSW Government to provide a financial incentive to reduce electricity by upgrading to energy-efficient lighting and other equipment.  The HEER program is specifically targeted at small business and households.


How can we help you? 

We work with businesses and homes across NSW to take the hard work out of upgrading your lighting and accessing the HEER program. If you're eligible for the HEER program, we'll work with you every step of the way to complete the lighting upgrade and reap the benefits of the program. 

Our services are comprehensive: 

  • We assess your project and advise you whether it qualifies for the HEER program

  • We check that the products you are installing are suitable for the program

  • If required, we can advise you on which products to install and put you in touch with quality Australian suppliers

  • We work with both the energy saver and the electricians to gather the photos and documents required for the program

  • If required, we can recommend a qualified, local electrician from our extensive network or we can work with your trusted electrician

  • We will ensure compliance with the scheme and submit the project on your behalf