Fraztec Lighting has partnered with Energy Conservation to provide quality lighting solutions and offer eligible small to medium businesses subsidised energy-efficient lighting upgrades. 


Energy to Save is a NSW government initiative to support small households and businesses in country regions. 


Fraztec Lighting work with local trusted electrical wholesalers and electricians across NSW and can match quality local installers to most business in NSW as part of their Energy Efficient lighting upgrade project. 


Contact us today to discuss your proposed energy-efficient lighting upgrade. We can work with your own electrician or we can provide a local trusted electrician from our extensive network to work with us on your energy-efficient project. 

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Discounted energy efficient lighting for country NSW businesses

A NSW Government Initiative

How the NSW Energy Savings Scheme can work for your business.

The Energy Savings Scheme provides financial incentives to businesses for the implementation of energy savings projects.

Those incentives are energy savings certificates for every megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity you save from eligible activities. Businesses work to implement projects with voluntary participants, known as Accredited Certificate Providers, and certificates are created. Energy savings certificates can then be sold to mandatory participants, known as Liable Parties, with prices depending on supply & demand.

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Here at Fraztec Lighting, we are extremely grateful to all that have worked with us on their energy-saving initiatives to save money and do our bit for the environment.

To show our appreciation to those businesses that we have and are working with on energy-efficient lighting upgrades, we've planted over 1,500 trees at the Belmont Wetlands.


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