About Us

At Fraztec, we make energy-saving projects easy. 

We are Energy Saving Certificate (ESC) creation specialists and trusted ESC creators for leading suppliers, electrical wholesalers and electricians across NSW.   


Our key focus is to make it easy for businesses to access the NSW Energy Savings Scheme and to guide you with our expert knowledge.   


At Fraztec, we have extensive experience with energy-saving lighting upgrades, big and small.  Our work extends right across NSW and covers all types of businesses including farms, offices, warehouses, manufacturing, shopping centres and retail, government, schools, mines, airports, aged care and many more. 


We take pride in making the NSW Energy Savings Scheme accessible and maximising the benefits to businesses.  Our friendly, expert staff are ready and willing to do their utmost to make your lighting upgrade easy and stress-free. 


If you'd like to know more about how we can help you with your energy-saving projects, contact us now or explore the website for further information.  

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