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Take advantage of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme to save money on your lighting upgrade.

Plus, by upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, you can save more than 70% of your lighting energy costs.
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We specialise in Energy Savings Scheme lighting upgrade projects!

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We work with you and our network of leading electrical suppliers and wholesalers to recommend the right products for your project


We know that every business and home is different, so we tailor solutions to suit your needs. 


We work with you to access government incentive programs, creating significant savings for your project. 


We provide expert advice at every stage of your lighting upgrade to make it simple and stress-free!

Fraztec is a Newcastle-based company.  We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes right across New South Wales on energy-saving lighting upgrades.

Our expert staff will work with business owners, installers, wholesalers or suppliers to access the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, creating significant savings on energy-efficient lighting upgrade projects!

We guide you through each step of the process - we'll figure out if your project qualifies, get you a quote on how much you can benefit, then work with key lighting suppliers such as Energetic Lighting, Haneco LightingROBUSATOM lighting, and network of major wholesalers to recommend the best lighting for your project.  Once your upgrade is underway, we'll co-ordinate all the information collection to satisfy the scheme requirements and keep supporting you right through until the project is finished!


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